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The great re-shuffling

After a whole week of depression and waiting the resuffling test marks were finally released. It was crazy. Rahul reddy got into3rd batch(was expected), Chetan and Mr.Patnaik(assim)  huge suraj and good boy ajay got into 4th batch, Bakra and eveeryone else got into 5th and 6th batch and unexpextedly L.p and Karthik got into the 7th. The whole thing is false said an ex A02 student when asked about him being sent into the 7th batch. The main fiitjee staff decline comment and some teachers are as baffeled as the students. Updates will be given shortly.


Rat in A04

Yesterday, site admins beaver and pumpkin were sitting in A04 during a break and chatting about how our site admin max would be beaten up because of the arm wrestling shit. When suddenly, beaver heard a squeek. Beaver immediately reacted and after a couple of seconds came to the conclusion that it was probably a car skidding on the road or something. However within a few seconds as pumpkin was shaking too much while laughing, a rat, YES A RAT, jumped out of the desk shelf


Unfortunate Event Which Turned Out To Be Very Fortunate

Our Site Moderator Max has commited suicide due to failure in his love matter with a certain konda. R.I.P Max, I hope you never come back to life again. We will be celebrating this very fortunate event with pride and enthusiasm. Life will never be as miserable as it was when Max was alive.

Your Mom


Rat Menace

Accordin to our sources in A04, 3 rats hv byn found in their class 2 evry1’s astonishment. Da 1st rat was spotted in da break tym wen it jumped frm no wer on2 pumpkin….. a rat on a hippo lol. Panic could be sensed frm A04ians. Then da hunt for da CULPRIT began…..which neva seemed 2 end. GK entered in2 da class nd waz not suprised 2 hear da news…it seemed as if he experienced dis stuff loads of tymes. Durin da nxt break, afta da cleanin staff cam, 2 more rats wer found takin da tally to 3.

So wat is da fiitjee management doin? Comment ya opinions on dis page nd help us in findin out wat is goin behind da scene in da fiitjee admin.

Ur frndly neighbourhood                                                                                                                                            MAX


FAWE Season-1 Results !!!

Da 1st season of da Fiitjee Arm Wrestlin Enterntainment  has finally concluded afta sum nerve-wrecklin matches in which da players sweated out 2 gv their best. Da tournie started at da scheduled tym 2 da astonishment of many ppl who tought it wouldn’t even take place. Da credit goes 2 da organiser Max who gathered all da players nd prepared a detailed schedule of each nd evry match well in advance in a very organised way.

As da tournie started, ppl were still joinin gvin max a hard tym to reschedule da whole blueprint. Most of da matches were jus for da sake of formality cuz most of da participants wer so damn weak lol….no offense. But quite a few matches wer interestin wid da players smash-bucklin nd strugglin until da very last moment.  One match btwn paedo nd loose pants created a contreversy cuz da principles of da tournie wer disobeyed thus goin against da very spirit of da tournie. Max had a tough tym in judgin da winner afta consultin all audience cuz it waz a crucial match.

Max waz sad cuz he cudn play da reason he waz da organiser. Da collections of da match wer less than da expected by 25% but waz still managed. Da proceedings of da tournie which lasted for 25 mins waz interrupted by da bloody security guard who waz peepin into da class frequently. Da cause if his peepin in2 da class is still not known nd an investigation has byn launched 2 find it out.

There wer thoughts of postponin da tournie 2 da nxt day cuz a very imp player i.e. 4pack waz absent. If he wud hv byn present, he would hv byn da winner for sure (i can bet u on that). Da other players had their dream cum true nd forced max not 2 postpone it cuz they knew tht they wudn get tht opportunity again. Sorry 4pack :c  . At last, da much awaited final took place nd then emerged da so-called winner paedo!!! CONGRATS!! Many ppl includin da organiser still tnk it waz a fluke or he bribed his opponent.

Here r da results of da semi-finals nd da grande finalé….

Semi-Final 1  –  KoS vs sum idiot……………….konda sr. won in record tym !!!!

Semi-Final 2  –  sum bastard vs paedo (another bastard)  it waz actually da battle of da bastards fightin 2 gain da title of da supreme nd da undisputed bastard………….paedo emerged as da ultimate bastard !!!!

Da Grande Finalé – KoS vs Paedo……………….paedo won due 2 da generous heart of KoS. Da reason came 2 b known afta paedo confessed tht he begged KoS 2 lose due 2 sum damn foolish reasons which cant b posted over here….sry readers!!!

Finally ended da 1st leg of da tournie which left many ppl in tears nd joy.

ur friendly neigbourhood                                                                                                                                  MAX


Special Candidates of A04

Hey everyone,

just giving everyone a quick update of what is happening in the batch A04. Most of the people in A04 are filled with nerds, geeks and “Rowdies”. The only happening people seem to be the konda bros, naik, beaver, sony and james bond. Comming to the list of “Special” or “Weird” candidates we have the following people:

Rowdie: Main activities: Irritating teachers, Stealing the watchman’s whistle, flirting with blackie   Location: 4th or 5th bench towards the extreme right Detailed analysis: very irritating tiny little girl. has an extremely high pitched voice too. doesnt know how to talk with teachers for nuts. gets into trouble almost everyday.   suspected to have some mysterious connection with watchman and his whistle.

Blackie aka not fair enough: Main Activities: Trying to impress girls by showing off his “excellent” academic skills, playing a black guitar darker than his face, jamming in random places like public toilets along with his “Band”. Location: Always seated in front of Rowdie Detailed analysis: Extremely irritating fellow. Tries his maximum level best to impress girls with one bekar guitar of his. Thinks he’s some rockstar from shopboyz. his favorite dialogue when it comes to his ranking in academics “not fair enough”. Thinks he is the best in academics and can whoop anyone’s ass. bastard couldnt even solve a simple trigonometric sum. thinks getting kicked out of class once is extremely cool. oh yea, he laughs like a gorilla looking only at rowdie and her partner.

Maniratnam: Main Activities: Nice Fellow but a little bit of Shravan Kumar here and there Location: First bench, extreme right corner Detailed Analysis: he walks in a very funny way. resembles shravan kumar in many ways too. Dont blame him to be on this list, he’s not irritating. actualy a good entertainment. Very Studious.


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